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ProtoDUNE ANL Photon Detector Readout PRR Documents

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DUNE document
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Kevin Fahey
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Anne Heavey
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10 Apr 2017, 13:40
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02 Mar 2018, 09:25
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13 Aug 2020, 17:01
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Documents for the Photon Detector Readout Production Readiness Review
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make public for JINST -SSP Schematics (“PC17001A_schematic.pdf”) is the “as submitted” schematic of the mini-production SSP. For each revision of the module there are two separate schematics that are developed. The first is the “as submitted” that contains annotations, notes and commentary regarding the changes that have been made to the design relative to the prior revision of the design. The second is the “as built” schematic whose annotations and comments describe any post-manufacture changes or modifications to the design. The two versions create an unbroken chain of design history. Additionally we store schematic information in a Subversion repository.
Added photon detection to topics
-SSP Change Log ('ProtoDUNE-SSP-Change-Log.pdf'). Related to the SSP Schematics ie related to the above discussion of “as submitted” versus “as built” schematics, file “ProtoDUNE SSP Change Log.pdf” is the document recording all changes made to the prototype (PC17001) SSP during testing. A document of this form is developed as each revision of the module undergoes testing. This document enumerates all the necessary and desired changes to the design for the next revision; thus, the items listed in the ProtoDUNE SSP Change Log document are the full descriptions of each modification (ECO or FCO) found in an “as built” schematic relative to an “as submitted” schematic. Further, the “design improvement plans” enumerated in this document form the basis for the changes implemented from the “as built” schematic of one revision to the “as submitted” schematic of the next revision. Thus, this document forms the bridge across revisions of a design. A “PC17001A Change Log” document is a current work in progress, but as the “PC17001A Change Log” is extremely sparse, the PC17001 change log is provided as the better example of the document.

-Bill of Materials (“SSP 2017_5_19_17PC001-A_BOM 5 BUILD ORDER-A.xlsx”) is an example of the Bill of Materials (BOM) generated for ordering components for the PC17001A module. The root source of the BOM is the schematic, where all manufacturer and distributor information is stored. As availability fluctuates over time the actual distributor from which the components are ordered may vary from that stored in the schematic, but the schematic’s manufacturer information cannot be changed without explicit approval from the design engineer. The schematic contains special pages containing only non-electrical symbols to account for all mechanical parts required including screws, nuts, standoffs, shields, etc.. so that the BOM is the BOM for the entire module, not just the circuit board.

-SSP Mechanical Drawings (“pc17001A_mechanical.pdf”) is a PDF extract from a free .DWG viewer showing the mechanical process by which the circuit board is mechanically aligned to all chassis mechanical components. The process used to ensure mechanical alignment of all chassis elements to the printed circuit board is as follows. The Allegro tools used for PCB layout are able to export a .DXF file of the completed PCB design. This is imported into AutoCAD and used as the basis to extract all measured dimensions for bottom, top, side, front and rear cutouts plus internal mechanical items such as shields. A vertical stack up view is also generated to ensure that all components fit within the box and that all drill holes are at the proper height.

-SSP Gerber Files ('') is a ZIP archive of the Gerber printed circuit board information (layers, fabrication information, silkscreen & solder mask) for the current mini-production boards as produced. Any standard Gerber viewer may be used to look at the file set. Embedded tool definition (274-X) format is used. The drill file is included as well.

-SSP Assembly Specification ('20170522_ssp_assembly_spec.pdf”) is the assembly specification document sent to all prospective assembly (soldering) vendors as the general specification requirements controlling the soldering practices used to build the SSP.

-SSP Impedance Characteristics document (“17pc001-Stackup.xlsx”) defines the impedance characteristics calculated for and designed into the ProtoDUNE SSP.  This file is included as a requirements document in the bid package sent to every prospective printed circuit board vendor. 

-The SSP firmware design specification (“140203_lbne_collab_mtg_Wednesday_detail.ppt”) as provided originally. Evolving into ProtoDUNE since then.

-Photon Detector QA/QC Testing Summary Document (“summary-document-on-SSP-qc.pdf“) describes procedures used for the quality assurance and subsequent quality control procedures for the prototDUNE-SP photon detector readout electronics, so-called SSP (SiPM Signal Processor) Boards.
Two levels of testing are identified as described in Photon Detector First Stage Post-Assembly Testing (“DUNE-SSP-first-stage-test-procedureP-ECO-and-Assembly-Verification.pdf“) and Photon Detector Integration Testing Plan (“PhotonReadout_Integration_Testing_v1.pdf“).

-SSP Software Related Test Plan (“ProtoDUNE-SSP-software-test-plan.pdf”) is a successor document to the ProtoDUNE SSP QA/QC plan documents described above, specifically describing the overall plan for the test software and data storage methodology for QA/QC. The “LBNEWare” software program developed for the original prototype SSPs has been updated to work with the revision PC17001A SSPs as an engineer’s test program. A separate software program is now being developed based upon the communications and analysis routines of the updated “LBNEWare” to implement the formal testing procedure required for production quantities.

-Document DUNE SiPM Signal Processor General Test Flow (“DUNE_SiPM_Signal_Processor_General_Test_Flow.pdf”) expands upon the concept of Post-Assembly Testing as defined in section 2.1 of the Quality Assurance and Control Testing Summary Document (“summary-document-on-SSP-qc.pdf.pdf”) for the ProtoSUNE-SP Photon Detector Readout Electronics document by defining the various sub-levels of Post-Assembly testing that are performed.  This document, that should be taken to be at the same level of abstraction, and a companion to, the ProtoDUNE SSP Software Test Plan document (“ProtoDUNE-SSP-software-test-plan.pdf.pdf”), details which tests are tied to paper documentation and which will use software-based documentation. 
-The DUNE SiPM Signal Processor Post-Assembly Manual Test Procedure (“DUNE_SiPM_Signal_Processor_Post_Assembly_Manual_Test_Procedure.pdf”) defines the series of tests and actions that are required to bring a fully assembled and checked SSP to operational condition, including firmware programming. 

-Interface between SSP and Timing System ('20170622_Documentation for discussion of SSP-3.pdf') describes the firmware implementation of the G.E.T.S. (Gate, Event, Trigger, Spill) decoding logic of the SSP that provides for the mapping of timing system command codes to the collection and marking of events. The G.E.T.S. block implements the required readout length modification in and out of spill plus all responses to messages from the trigger system.

-The info on the SSP LV & Bias cables (“”) contains an Engineering Note on SSP Power Cable (“170718_protodune_drake_ssp_power_cable_note.pdf”), and in schematics&drawings documents
(“ProtoDUNE_PD_SSP_LV_cable.pdf”, “ProtoDUNE_PD_SSP_Bias_cable.pdf”).

-Photon-Readout Overview Talk ('PhotonReadoutPRR_July19-2017_v4.pdf') is added.

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