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DUNE as the Next-Generation Solar Neutrino Experiment

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LBNF/DUNE document
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Guanying Zhu
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Guanying Zhu
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28 Sep 2019, 14:30
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28 Sep 2019, 14:30
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28 Sep 2019, 14:37
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We show that the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE), with significant but feasible new efforts, has the potential to deliver world-leading results in solar neutrinos. With a 100 kton-yr exposure, DUNE could detect >10^5 signal events above 5 MeV electron energy. Separate precision measurements of neutrino-mixing parameters and the 8B flux could be made using two detection channels (\nu_e + 40Ar and \nu_{e, \mu, \tau} + e^-) and the day-night effect (>10 \sigma). New particle physics may be revealed through the comparison of solar neutrinos (with matter effects) and reactor neutrinos (without), which is discrepant by 2 \sigma (and could become 5.6 \sigma). New astrophysics may be revealed through the most precise measurement of the 8B flux (to 2.5%) and the first detection of the hep flux (to 11%). DUNE is required: No other experiment, even proposed, has been shown capable of fully realizing these discovery opportunities.
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