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Supernovae triggering (likelihood approach)

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DUNE document
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Pierre JJ Lasorak
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Anne Heavey
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04 Jun 2019, 12:20
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04 Jun 2019, 12:20
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03 May 2020, 10:29
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I has been shown at many occasions that it was possible to realise triggering for Supernova (SN) with DUNE.
The trigger relies on the the so-called Trigger Primitives (i.e. the hits, TPs) from the collection wires of the 10~kT single phase module to form Trigger Candidate (clusters of hits, TCs). Over the past, the TPs used were not very representative of what the output of an online hit finder (so called GausHit). In this note, I discuss a way to improve the triggering based on the sum ADC of the TCs. I am using the TPs from the algorithm described in Ref (so called ``Phil's hits''). In the past, the use of Phil's hits created a significant decrease in the efficiency of detecting a SN happening at the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC). The aim of this study is to recover this efficiency loss.
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