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LBNF-DUNE Requirements except Cryostat Requirements

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LBNF/DUNE document
Submitted by:
Jeffrey Dolph
Updated by:
Anne Heavey
Document Created:
26 Aug 2015, 07:24
Contents Revised:
06 Dec 2018, 16:34
Metadata Revised:
29 Jun 2020, 16:21
Last Signed:
17 May 2019, 14:16
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MIGRATED TO The current requirements have been moved to docdb 12163. This docdb (112) contains the signatures approving the FSCF requirements (which are under configuration control).
NOTE: the Dates in the header section of the 3 files (one in the main and two in other files) that are Far Site CF requirements spreadsheets as of 01 AUG 2018 are incorrect and this will be fixed in the next version of this document.
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Other Files:
Notes and Changes:
Updated FSCF-Engr-182 and added FSCF-Engr-185 and FSCF-Engr-186. Included the email approvals as separate file.
Referenced by:
  • DUNE-doc-220: FGT parameters and L2 requirements
  • DUNE-doc-528: OBSOLETE BOE for WBS - FSCF Final Design
  • DUNE-doc-527: OBSOLETE BOE for WBS - FSCF Preliminary Design
  • DUNE-doc-529: OBSOLETE BOE for WBS - FSCF Construction Management
  • DUNE-doc-531: OBSOLETE BOE for WBS - Cavern & Drift Excavation (EXC)
  • DUNE-doc-530: OBSOLETE BOE for WBS - Buildings & Site Infrastructure (BSI)
  • DUNE-doc-532: OBSOLETE BOE for WBS - SURF Reliability Projects
  • DUNE-doc-526: OBSOLETE BOE for WBS - FSCF Project Management
  • DUNE-doc-1668: LBNF/DUNE Requirements for Internal Review September 2016
  • DUNE-doc-1714: L2 Beamline Science / Engineering Requirements
  • DUNE-doc-302: LBNF Beamline L2, L3, L4 Requirements Doc List
  • DUNE-doc-7259: CR-0050 Change far detector rack cooling to use chilled water directly
  • DUNE-doc-733: OBSOLETE BOE for WBS - Pre-Excavation (Pre-EXC)
  • DUNE-doc-318: OBSOLETE-Near Site Conventional Facilities (NSCF) Requirements, Assumptions, Cost and Schedule
Publication Information:
outdated previous versions are in LBNE doc 10873
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