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DUNE-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
14503-v10 LBNC Meeting June 4 2019 Alfons Weber Near Detector
02 Jun 2019
44-v62 LBNF Overall Org Charts Elaine McCluskey Org/Staffing
Director's CD-3A Review of LBNF
DOE CD-3a Review
15 Oct 2019
42-v32 DUNE Org Charts Eric James DUNE Collaboration
IPR Oct 2019
14 Oct 2019
602-v3 The LBNF Cryogenics Infrastructure at the Far Site Min Jeong Kim et al. Design Report
Director's CD-3A Review of LBNF
DOE CD-3a Review
IPR Oct 2019
Cryo Infrastructure
14 Oct 2019
2096-v2 LBNF Target Chase Nitrogen Fill & Purge System Initial Design Dave Pushka Mechanical
20 Apr 2017
15944-v3 Neutrino Oscillations in DUNE and Supernovae neutrinos detection Ernesto Kemp Supernova Neutrinos
Neutrino Oscillations
09 Sep 2019
519-v2 LBNF Cryostat Condensation Prevention Simulation Erik A Voirin Cryostat
Director's CD-3A Review of LBNF
06 Nov 2017
7626-v2 LBNF/DUNE Requirements Management Plan Nandhini Dhanaraj et al. Project Management
Systems Engineering
27 Sep 2018
12721-v2 Considerations for LBNF Optimized Horn Preliminary Design Cory F Crowley Neutrino Beamline
31 Jan 2019
11791-v6 DUNE Submission to European Strategy Update Edward Blucher et al. DUNE Collaboration
07 Jan 2019
1835-v4 Optical Isolators Linda Bagby Electronics
17 Dec 2018
11602-v2 Talk at CERN Detector Seminar, Nov 30 2018 Stephen Pordes ProtoDUNE
TPC Single Phase
04 Dec 2018
10773-v3 The LBNF Flux Determination Mary Bishai Beamline
16 Oct 2018
9318-v2 Moving Temperature Profiler moving instructions Brianne Hackett ProtoDUNE
Argon and Cryogenics Instrumentation
07 Aug 2018
4559-v12 Optimized Beam CDR Phil Adamson et al. Design Report
Neutrino Beamline
11 Jul 2018
3450-v9 protoDUNE Single Phase Computing and Software Plans Bruce Baller et al. ProtoDUNE
09 May 2018
1315-v1 35ton Lessons Learned Compilation Michelle Stancari 35t Prototype
TPC Single-Phase
27 May 2016
5882-v3 nnbar oscillation search practice talk for INT 2017 Georgia Karagiorgi Proton Decay
24 Oct 2017
5837-v4 THSP Hatch Covers, Stripline Feedthroughs, and Prototypes Joseph Angelo Beamline
23 Oct 2017
5504-v2 NUFACT Talk: DUNE Near Detectors Hongyue Duyang Near Detector
10 Oct 2017
1938-v11 ProtoDUNE-SP Software and Computing Project Plan Thomas Junk et al. ProtoDUNE
Software and Computing
03 Oct 2017
2158-v3 Status of DUNE Jonathan Insler ProtoDUNE
DUNE Collaboration
27 Sep 2017
2114-v3 APS talk: Study of Track Ambiguities and Wire Plane Orientation in Single Phase Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers Author Non-Collaborator et al. Far Detector Sim/Reco
27 Sep 2017
4583-v6 Selection of charged-current muon-neutrino and electron-neutrino interactions in the DUNE far detector Tyler Alion et al. Neutrino Oscillations
27 Sep 2017
1794-v10 Single-Phase ProtoDUNE Technical Design Report Flavio Cavanna et al. ProtoDUNE
Design Report
19 Jul 2017
3836-v5 DUNE: Status and Prospects Luke A. Corwin Neutrino Oscillations
09 Jun 2017
597-v1 DUNE/LBNF CDR Volume 1: The LBNF and DUNE Projects (updated Intro to CDR) Mary Bishai et al. Design Report
DUNE Collaboration
Director's CD-3A Review of LBNF
Project Management
24 Jan 2017
1212-v6 Design of the Data Management System for the protoDUNE Experiment Stu Fuess et al. Data Handling
Online/Offline Interface
13 Dec 2016
1324-v6 LBNF/DUNE and the Hunt for Leptonic CP Violation Mary Bishai Physics
09 Jun 2016
994-v3 LBNF/DUNE James Strait Prototyping
Far Detector
Near Detector
05 Apr 2016
598-v1 LBNF Far Site Conventional Facilities Preliminary Design Report (PDR) Tracy Lundin et al. Design Report
Far Site CF
Director's CD-3A Review of LBNF
DOE CD-3a Review
16 Nov 2015
599-v2 The Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility for DUNE: updated Volume 3 to CDR Elaine McCluskey Design Report
Far Site CF
Director's CD-3A Review of LBNF
DOE CD-3a Review
Cryo Infrastructure
11 Nov 2015
29-v5 The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment Maury Goodman DUNE Collaboration
02 Nov 2015

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