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Author Non-LBNF of Fermilab is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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DUNE-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
142-v1 LBNE CD-0 Mission Need Statement Author Non-LBNF IPR Sep 2020 (EXC/BSI)
IPR Jul 2020
Director's CD-3A Review of LBNF
DOE CD-3a Review
Project Management
24 Aug 2020
18312-v1 Multifactor authentication: RSA tokens and Yubikeys Author Non-LBNF Communications
Collaborative Tools
20 Mar 2020
960-v2 DOE-CERN Protocol Agreements Author Non-LBNF MOU
05 May 2017
2013-v1 Optimization of the LBNF/DUNE beamline for tau neutrinos Author Non-LBNF et al. Neutrino Oscillations
Neutrino Beamline
11 Dec 2016
1498-v1 Sanford Lab (SURF) logo Author Non-LBNF Forms, Templates, Logos
19 Jul 2016
1497-v1 SURF Environment, Health and Safety Sustainability Author Non-LBNF ES&H
19 Jul 2016
1331-v1 Fermilab-LBNF Project Title Block Logos Author Non-LBNF Forms, Templates, Logos
02 Jun 2016
1054-v1 Comments on Target Station configuration about He-filled vessel from the operation experience of the J-­PARC Neutrino beam­line Author Non-LBNF Beamline
23 Feb 2016
988-v1 Translations of articles on LBNF and DUNE Author Non-LBNF Communications
04 Feb 2016
143-v1 LBNE CD-1 Approve Alternative Selection and Cost Range Author Non-LBNF Director's CD-3A Review of LBNF
Project Management
16 Nov 2015
313-v1 Guanajuato presentation at IB meeting Author Non-LBNF Institutional Board
02 Nov 2015
523-v1 CD-3a Director's Review agenda, charge, committee Author Non-LBNF Director's
Project Management
02 Oct 2015
135-v1 Talks during pre-risk workshop prep meetings Aug 2015 Author Non-LBNF et al. Far Site CF
Risk Management
27 Aug 2015

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