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DUNE-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
22201-v1 Report on Rollover in LNG Storage Tanks Author Non-Collaborator Far Detector
Cryo Infrastructure
Cryogenic Fluids
04 Mar 2021
21790-v1 DUNE KAJV Fiber Tests Author Non-Collaborator Far Detector
14 Jan 2021
1766-v2 CD-3a Approve Initial Far Site Construction for LBNF/DUNE (Sep 2016) & CD-3a Revision (Oct 2020) Author Non-Collaborator Project Management
03 Dec 2020
716-v1 Critical Decision 1 Approval for LBNF/DUNE Author Non-Collaborator IPR Sep 2020 (EXC/BSI)
IPR Jul 2020
DOE CD-3a Review
Project Management
24 Aug 2020
5915-v1 CFD Analysis of Fluid, Heat, and Impurity Flows in DUNE FAR Detector to Address Additional Design Considerations Author Non-Collaborator Far Detector
Cryo Infrastructure
13 Aug 2020
112-v25 LBNF-DUNE Requirements except Cryostat Requirements Author Non-Collaborator Far Detector
Cryo Infrastructure
Near Detector
Conventional Facilities
29 Jun 2020
9549-v1 LabVIEW Motor Drive software for ProtoDUNE Temperature profiler Author Non-Collaborator Prototyping
17 Jul 2018
2114-v3 APS talk: Study of Track Ambiguities and Wire Plane Orientation in Single Phase Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers Author Non-Collaborator et al. Far Detector Sim/Reco
27 Sep 2017
1051-v1 LBNF/DUNE brochure Feb. 2016 Author Non-Collaborator et al. Communications
19 Feb 2016
934-v1 Jyvaskyla presentation to DUNE IB Author Non-Collaborator Institutional Board
13 Jan 2016
481-v1 LBNF/DUNE Fact Sheet Author Non-Collaborator Communications
24 Sep 2015
425-v1 Excerpt from Mission Need Statement for a Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment Author Non-Collaborator Project Management
11 Sep 2015

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