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Brett Viren of Brookhaven National Lab. is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
See documents with Brett Viren on any version.

DUNE-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
11275-v1 Dune Data Selection Summary Alexander Booth et al. DAQ
Far Detector
03 May 2020
16976-v1 ZeroMQ on 100 GbE Brett Viren DAQ
15 Nov 2019
16973-v1 DUNE FD DAQ Observability Brett Viren DAQ
15 Nov 2019
15418-v1 Initial Processing Stages for DUNE FD TPC Data Brett Viren Software and Computing
26 Jul 2019
13939-v1 Epochs and Timelines for a DUNE Far Detector DAQ Configuration System Brett Viren DAQ
10 Apr 2019
11461-v1 What are the DUNE FD DAQ Bottlenecks? Brett Viren DAQ
23 Nov 2018
10482-v1 A System for Communication Between DAQ Elements Brett Viren DAQ
02 Oct 2018
3450-v9 protoDUNE Single Phase Computing and Software Plans Bruce Baller et al. ProtoDUNE
09 May 2018
4064-v3 Single-Phase protoDUNE TPC Numbers Brett Viren ProtoDUNE
29 Nov 2017
2089-v1 Proposed Initial Data Reduction for protoDUNE/SP Xin Qian et al. ProtoDUNE
Data Handling
Online/Offline Interface
18 Jan 2017
1212-v6 Design of the Data Management System for the protoDUNE Experiment Stu Fuess et al. Data Handling
Online/Offline Interface
13 Dec 2016
1656-v1 Minimum Multiplicity Requirements for ProtoDUNE DAQ and Online/Offline Buffer Subsystems Brett Viren ProtoDUNE
28 Aug 2016
1130-v1 A look at Huffman Coding Applied to 35t Data Brett Viren 35t Prototype
Data Handling
20 Mar 2016

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