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Single-Phase protoDUNE TPC Numbers

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DUNE document
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Brett Viren
Updated by:
Brett Viren
Document Created:
15 Jun 2017, 18:22
Contents Revised:
29 Nov 2017, 08:40
DB Info Revised:
29 Nov 2017, 08:40
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14 Sep 2017, 11:28
15 Jun 2017, 18:22
The connectivity of detector elements relevant to TPC wire
data from the single-phase protoDUNE experiment is described. It is
expressed as a directed graph of ordered edges. Edges map to
connections between detector elements following minimal and local
numbering conventions taken from the installation and engineering
designs for the hardware involved. Schemes for flattening this
graph and producing global numbering conventions are proposed.
Software to produce a instances of connection graphs is described
and a sample of the diagrams it can generate are included for
illustration and validation purposes.
Files in Document:
  • PDF (pdsp-tpc-numbers.pdf, 666.5 kB)
Notes and Changes:
Largely rewrote to reflect the graph-based nature of the software. This also finally includes the WIB-FEMB mapping which will be used.
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