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These documents on Beamline and sub-topics are available:
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DUNE-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
6640-v1 FEA of DS decay pipe window for optimized design Haijing Wang Beamline
06 Mar 2018
7440-v1 Meeting Minutes Craig Drennan Neutrino Beamline
23 Feb 2018
2096-v3 LBNF Target Chase Nitrogen Fill & Purge System Initial Design Dave Pushka Mechanical
26 Dec 2017
5837-v4 THSP Hatch Covers, Stripline Feedthroughs, and Prototypes Joseph Angelo Beamline
23 Oct 2017
5519-v1 Status of LBNF beamline Tristan Davenne Primary Beamline
Conventional Facilities
27 Sep 2017
191-v1 LBNF/DUNE CDR Annex 3A: Beamline at the Near Site Beamline Group Beamline
Design Report
18 Aug 2017
2196-v1 LBNF –WireHoseHorn In Decay Pipe Milorad Popovic Neutrino Beamline
15 Feb 2017
182-v1 (OLD) LBNF/DUNE CDR Volume 3: The Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility for DUNE Tom Hamernik et al. Beamline
Design Report
Cryo Infrastructure
Conventional Facilities
24 Jan 2017
2013-v1 Optimization of the LBNF/DUNE beamline for tau neutrinos Author Non-LBNF et al. Neutrino Oscillations
Neutrino Beamline
11 Dec 2016
1403-v1 NuMI Hadron Monitor Bob Zwaska Neutrino Beamline
27 Jun 2016
1167-v2 Beamline Technical Board meeting April 1 2016 - News and Plans Vaia Papadimitriou Beamline
13 Apr 2016
994-v3 LBNF/DUNE James Strait Near Detector
Far Detector
05 Apr 2016
1057-v4 Neutrino Production with Proton Drivers Mary Bishai Neutrino Beamline
11 Mar 2016
1054-v1 Comments on Target Station configuration about He-filled vessel from the operation experience of the J-­PARC Neutrino beam­line Author Non-LBNF Beamline
23 Feb 2016
1053-v1 LBNF Nitrogen in target pile & DK cooling James Hylen Neutrino Beamline
22 Feb 2016
1017-v1 Progress of gas-filled RF Hadron Monitor study Katsuya Yonehara Beamline
Neutrino Beamline
10 Feb 2016
599-v2 The Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility for DUNE: updated Volume 3 to CDR Elaine McCluskey Far Site CF
DOE CD-3a Review
Design Report
Cryo Infrastructure
Director's CD-3A Review of LBNF
11 Nov 2015
587-v2 Fermilab Beamlines: Present and Future Mary Bishai Neutrino Beamline
13 Oct 2015
85-v1 LBNF Beamline Interface Definition 21 Dave Pushka et al. Neutrino Beamline
01 Oct 2015
205-v3 LBNF Kicker Capacitor Specification Luciano Elementi Procurement
Primary Beamline
Near Site CF
31 Aug 2015
87-v0 LBNF Beamline Interface Definition 41 Dave Pushka Systems Integration
Neutrino Beamline
21 Aug 2015
91-v0 LBNF Beamline Interface Definition 116 Dave Pushka Systems Integration
Neutrino Beamline
21 Aug 2015
90-v0 LBNF Beamline Interface Definition 122 Dave Pushka Systems Integration
Neutrino Beamline
21 Aug 2015
89-v0 LBNF Beamline Interface Definition 73 Dave Pushka Systems Integration
Neutrino Beamline
21 Aug 2015
88-v0 LBNF Beamline Interface Definition 61 Dave Pushka Systems Integration
Neutrino Beamline
21 Aug 2015
86-v0 LBNF Beamline Interface Definition 89 Dave Pushka Neutrino Beamline
Near Site CF
21 Aug 2015
84-v0 LBNF Beamline Interface Definition 11 Dave Pushka Neutrino Beamline
21 Aug 2015

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