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These documents on CERN Single-Phase DUNE Prototype (subtopic of Prototyping) and sub-topics are available:
Showing documents with topic CERN Single-Phase DUNE Prototype on the most recent version. See documents with ProtoDUNE on any version.

DUNE-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
928-v3 ProtoDUNE LAr Flow Simulation- Impurity field and Charge Density Erik A Voirin Purity/Cleanliness/Radiation
04 Sep 2018
9934-v1 Video recordings from filling of NP04 cryostat Edgar Valencia Argon and Cryogenics Instrumentation
22 Aug 2018
9724-v3 Valencia and Hawaii Profilers Geometry .. Anselmo Cervera Villanueva et al. Argon and Cryogenics Instrumentation
13 Aug 2018
9318-v2 Moving Temperature Profiler moving instructions Brianne Hackett Argon and Cryogenics Instrumentation
07 Aug 2018
8408-v3 Design and Analysis of CRT Mechanical Support Structures for ProtoDUNE Benjamin K Stillwell ProtoDUNE
11 Jun 2018
8414-v1 Drawings for assembly CRT module support frames Benjamin K Stillwell ProtoDUNE
25 May 2018
8411-v1 MayTec Construction Documentation for assembly of CRT module support frames Benjamin K Stillwell ProtoDUNE
25 May 2018
8339-v2 Cold Electronics system for ProtoDUNE-SP LAr-TPC Maura Spanu et al. ProtoDUNE
24 May 2018
3450-v9 protoDUNE Single Phase Computing and Software Plans Bruce Baller et al. ProtoDUNE
09 May 2018
3009-v2 ProtoDUNE UTA DP Field Cage PRR Documents Kevin Fahey ProtoDUNE
Quality Assurance
02 Mar 2018
1701-v3 ProtoDUNE WIB Output Data Formats Eric Hazen et al. ProtoDUNE
13 Dec 2017
4064-v3 Single-Phase protoDUNE TPC Numbers Brett Viren ProtoDUNE
29 Nov 2017
1046-v2 LBNF and ProtoDUNE CFD Study - Fluid Impurity Configuration Comparison Erik A Voirin Cryogenics WG
Ar Systems
17 Oct 2017
1938-v11 ProtoDUNE-SP Software and Computing Project Plan Thomas Junk et al. Software and Computing
03 Oct 2017
2158-v3 Status of DUNE Jonathan Insler ProtoDUNE
DUNE Collaboration
27 Sep 2017
1794-v10 Single-Phase ProtoDUNE Technical Design Report Flavio Cavanna et al. Design Report
19 Jul 2017
3633-v4 Cold ADC performance: time dependence David L Adams Electronics
23 Jun 2017
2783-v1 Step file of protoDUNE-SP (NP04) assembly as of Jan 4 2017 Jack Fowler Cryo Infrastructure
20 Mar 2017
1628-v1 The clustered storage option for the protoDUNE NP04 Online Buffer Nektarios Benekos ProtoDUNE
10 Mar 2017
2089-v1 Proposed Initial Data Reduction for protoDUNE/SP Xin Qian et al. ProtoDUNE
Data Handling
Online/Offline Interface
18 Jan 2017
1232-v1 ProtoDUNE Ullage space CFD simulation Erik A Voirin Cryogenic Fluids
Ar Systems
27 Sep 2016
1759-v1 Cryo Instrumentation used in LAPD and 35 Ton Cryostats Alan A Hahn Cryo Infrastructure
35t Prototype
22 Sep 2016
1656-v1 Minimum Multiplicity Requirements for ProtoDUNE DAQ and Online/Offline Buffer Subsystems Brett Viren ProtoDUNE
28 Aug 2016
347-v1 Operation Feasibility, membrane cryostat, 50 mbarg design pressure Mark Adamowski DOE
04 Sep 2015

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