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These documents on Physics and sub-topics are available:
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DUNE-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
16145-v1 Developing the MeV potential of DUNE: Detailed considerations of muon-induced spallation and other backgrounds Guanying Zhu et al. Physics
Solar Neutrinos
Cosmic Rays and Cosmogenics
Radiological and Cleanliness Models
28 Sep 2019
16142-v1 DUNE as the Next-Generation Solar Neutrino Experiment Francesco Capozzi et al. Physics
Solar Neutrinos
28 Sep 2019
15944-v3 Neutrino Oscillations in DUNE and Supernovae neutrinos detection Ernesto Kemp Supernova Neutrinos
Neutrino Oscillations
09 Sep 2019
13214-v2 Pandora Reconstruction Metric Figures - ProtoDUNESP Steven Green Physics
Simulation and Reconstruction
Software and Computing
ProtoDUNE Sim/Reco
13 Mar 2019
11539-v1 DUNE: Science, Status and perspectives Luca Stanco Physics
Near Detector
DUNE Collaboration
Far Detector
28 Nov 2018
5882-v3 nnbar oscillation search practice talk for INT 2017 Georgia Karagiorgi Proton Decay
24 Oct 2017
2123-v1 APS 2017 Long-Baseline Talk Elizabeth Worcester Analysis
27 Sep 2017
2121-v1 Proton Decay Searches with DUNE and the Photon Detection System -- APS Talk Kevin Wood Photon Detection
Simulation and Reconstruction
Proton Decay
27 Sep 2017
4583-v6 Selection of charged-current muon-neutrino and electron-neutrino interactions in the DUNE far detector Tyler Alion et al. Neutrino Oscillations
27 Sep 2017
5525-v1 Supernova Neutrinos, Proton Decay and Atmospheric Neutrinos at DUNE Juergen Reichenbacher Supernova Neutrinos
DUNE Collaboration
Atmospheric Neutrinos
Proton Decay
Far Detector
Radiological and Cleanliness Models
21 Sep 2017
4895-v1 Status of LBNF/DUNE Albert De Roeck Physics
09 Aug 2017
3836-v5 DUNE: Status and Prospects Luke A. Corwin Neutrino Oscillations
09 Jun 2017
2013-v1 Optimization of the LBNF/DUNE beamline for tau neutrinos Author Non-LBNF et al. Neutrino Oscillations
Neutrino Beamline
11 Dec 2016
181-v2 DUNE/LBNF CDR Volume 2: The Physics Program for DUNE at LBNF Mary Bishai et al. Physics
Design Report
Director's CD-3A Review of LBNF
DOE CD-3a Review
22 Sep 2016
1329-v4 Do Neutrino Oscillations Conserve Energy? Kirk McDonald Neutrino Oscillations
19 Jun 2016
1324-v6 LBNF/DUNE and the Hunt for Leptonic CP Violation Mary Bishai Physics
09 Jun 2016
1328-v1 Path Length of Muons Traversing an Arbitrary Volume Kirk McDonald Cosmic Rays and Cosmogenics
01 Jun 2016
1327-v1 Space Charge in Ionization Detectors Kirk McDonald Analysis
01 Jun 2016
54-v1 The Blurred Clustering Reconstruction Technique Michael Wallbank Analysis
26 May 2016
994-v3 LBNF/DUNE James Strait Physics
Near Detector
Far Detector
05 Apr 2016
278-v1 CDR Volume 1: The LBNE Project Mary Bishai Physics
Design Report
25 Jan 2016
29-v5 The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment Maury Goodman Physics
DUNE Collaboration
02 Nov 2015
426-v1 Report of the US long baseline neutrino experiment study Milind Diwan Physics
11 Sep 2015
339-v1 LBNE-India Detailed Project Report (DPR) submitted to DAE, India Sanjib Mishra et al. DOE
Near Detector
Near Detector Physics
04 Sep 2015
275-v1 Report on the Depth Requirements for a Massive Detector at Homestake Milind Diwan Physics
Conventional Facilities
02 Sep 2015

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