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These documents on DUNE Collaboration and sub-topics are available:
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DUNE-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1046-v2 [MIGRATED] LBNF and ProtoDUNE CFD Study - Fluid Impurity Configuration Comparison Erik A Voirin Ar Systems
Cryogenics WG
15 May 2019
42-v27 DUNE Org Charts Maxine Hronek DUNE Collaboration
IPR 2018
13 May 2019
11791-v6 DUNE Submission to European Strategy Update Edward Blucher et al. DUNE Collaboration
07 Jan 2019
11539-v1 DUNE: Science, Status and perspectives Luca Stanco Physics
DUNE Collaboration
Far Detector
Near Detector
28 Nov 2018
1-v8 DUNE Governance Document Robert J. Wilson Institutional Board
Collaboration Management
27 Sep 2018
10012-v1 DUNE Talk at 2018 Users Meeting Stefan Soldner-Rembold DUNE Collaboration
Near Detector
31 Aug 2018
8567-v1 DocBD Primer Jennifer Raaf DUNE Collaboration
06 Jun 2018
3159-v1 DUNE EC PUBLIC MINUTES Maxine Hronek Executive Board
04 Oct 2017
2158-v3 Status of DUNE Jonathan Insler DUNE Collaboration
27 Sep 2017
5525-v1 Supernova Neutrinos, Proton Decay and Atmospheric Neutrinos at DUNE Juergen Reichenbacher Supernova Neutrinos
DUNE Collaboration
Atmospheric Neutrinos
Proton Decay
Far Detector
Radiological and Cleanliness Models
21 Sep 2017
4-v6 DUNE logos Maury Goodman DUNE Collaboration
Forms, Templates, Logos
19 Jul 2017
72-v2 Collaboration Map Maury Goodman DUNE Collaboration
Institutional Board
05 Apr 2017
597-v1 DUNE/LBNF CDR Volume 1: The LBNF and DUNE Projects (updated Intro to CDR) Mary Bishai et al. DUNE Collaboration
Design Report
Project Management
Director's CD-3A Review of LBNF
24 Jan 2017
180-v1 (OLD) DUNE/LBNF CDR Volume 1: The LBNF and DUNE Projects Mary Bishai et al. DUNE Collaboration
Design Report
Project Management
Director's CD-3A Review of LBNF
24 Jan 2017
1156-v1 35 Ton LAr Impurity Distribution Measurements and CFD simulation Erik A Voirin 35t Prototype
Cryogenics WG
13 Sep 2016
1106-v1 Agenda for the 18 March 2016 IB Phone Meeting Maury Goodman Institutional Board
14 Mar 2016
940-v1 Collaboration Photo from the January 2016 Arlington Meeting Jae Yu DUNE Collaboration
14 Jan 2016
934-v1 Jyvaskyla presentation to DUNE IB Author Non-Collaborator Institutional Board
13 Jan 2016
313-v1 Guanajuato presentation at IB meeting Author Non-LBNF Institutional Board
02 Nov 2015
29-v5 The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment Maury Goodman Physics
DUNE Collaboration
02 Nov 2015
27-v2 Minutes of the DUNE Institutional Board, 5 June 2015 Maury Goodman Institutional Board
08 Sep 2015
59-v1 Map of DUNE institutions Anne Heavey Institutional Board
13 Aug 2015
2-v1 Collaboration Photo April 2015 Maury Goodman DUNE Collaboration
30 Apr 2015

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